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Sample Job Description Horticultural Therapist

The Centers for Exceptional Children

The Children’s Center

Job Description for Horticultural Therapist

The horticultural therapist is responsible for leading a nature-based program that provides hands-on activities to stimulate sensory, motor, and cognitive and communications skills for the students served at The Children’s Center.

Responsibilities include:

  • Horticultural therapist will develop and lead monthly hands-on nature-based programs for the toddler, preschool and school age classrooms utilizing literature, plants, and materials found in nature. These programs will be designed to provide opportunities for the students to practice fine and gross motor skills, social interaction, and communication skills as well as to promote an awareness of and exposure to the natural environment. Programs will be adapted to meet the needs of each student based on age, abilities and interest level.
  • Horticultural therapist will be responsible for designing, maintaining and updating garden areas to be used as an outdoor classroom for the students, faculty, staff and community. The design will focus on providing a safe environment that will encourage a variety of sensory and learning experiences.
  • Horticultural therapist will actively seek outside funding to support both the indoor and outdoor components of the program.
  • Horticultural therapist will be responsible for developing and presenting educational programs for the community.
  • Horticultural therapist will work closely with the teachers, staff, specialists and parents to support the needs and goals of the students at The Children’s Center.
  • Horticultural therapist will provide supervision for other horticultural therapists and horticultural interns working for The Centers for Exceptional Children.
  • Horticultural therapist will provide recommendations regarding landscaping decisions, including design, material selection and maintenance of the school campus.

Submitted by: JoAnn Yates, HTR

July 2013